Lighton Musonda promises sustainable empowerment

 Lighton Musonda promises sustainable empowerment

Nchanga Constituency PF aspiring candidate
Lighton Musonda says empowering communities with various skills is a remedy to improve their livelihood than blinding them with temporary cash handouts.

Mr Musonda said his agenda is to empower communities, especially the vulnerable who are women and youths.

He said the economic activities of the district has dwindled, hence the need for leaders coming into power to provide an enabling environment for the people to thrive with long lasting economic remedies.

Mr Musonda said on the top of his agenda is farming and agro businesses away from mining because of the ready market at Kasumbalesa border.

“I want to make this program a robust one for all the wards in Nchanga Constituencies and many people will be on salaries and as this will create employment for more.

“This is possible and in this program I want to empower people in fish farming, goat and village chicken rearing. These programs will be run using a cooperatives method,” he promised.

Mr Musonda has also promised to empower youths with five vehicles under the revolving initiative so that they can become owners of the vehicles.

He said the 5-vehicle initiative will run as cooperatives thereby boosting economic status for the members of the cooperative.

“This will also make the youths independent and make them busy in turn saving them from malpractices,” he said.

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