Let’s move away from political mediocrity-Ground Focus

 Let’s move away from political mediocrity-Ground Focus

Ground Focus Chief Executive Officer Jimmy Mubashi has implored Zambians to move away from political mediocrity and appreciate the massive development taking place in the country.

Mr Mubashi said the PF government has made tremendous progress in terms of economic transformation since taking over government power in 2011.

He said over the past seven years, the country has been transformed into a huge construction site through a vigorous and robust infrastructure development program in line with the country’s Vision 2030.

“Every responsible and passionate Zambian eager to see the country moving from being poor or third world to middle income nation must support the economic and social transformation agenda through infrastructure development. The construction of roads and other critical infrastructure in a developing country like Zambia is critical to the attainment of tangible and sustainable economic development.

“Our focus as responsible citizens is to genuinely give support to the government and ensure that we move as a united people in achieving our dreams as a collective entity while enjoying the fruits of democracy and good governance in diversity. It is therefore disheartening to see what is happening in the country’s political arena today, where name-calling, malicious and unfounded allegations is the order of the day,” he said.

Mr Mubashi said some politicians lately take pleasure in insulting others, calling their fellow politicians all sorts of names.

“This one has a big nose’…’This one is a drunkard’….’The other one has no brains’ and many other derogatory statements that make our politics being labeled ‘dirty’. Others claim moral authority and judge people when nobody even checks their lives. Such kind of attitude will never take us anywhere. If it’s about criticizing government, responsible politicians must discuss real issues that would help build the nation move to another level.

“Let’s not engage in destructive politics that won’t take the country anywhere. The pride of being a Zambian must be demonstrated through mutual understanding and respect for leadership. Having a different opinion on economic affairs should not in any way drive someone to literally insulting the Republican President and his government. Let’s make Zambia a better place by tackling real issues such as the management of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and how to ensure that the dividends gotten from the mines and other critical areas of investment are not being externalized, let us tackle issues of poverty and how to create more jobs for our people,” he said.

Mr Mubashi said subjecting the nation to mediocre-kind of politics will not help.

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