Let’s get Covid-19 Vaccine Voluntary-Chanda

 Let’s get Covid-19 Vaccine Voluntary-Chanda

Minister of Health Jonas Chanda says it is important that Zambians get the Covid-19 vaccine voluntarily and continue to adhere to the prescribed public health measures.

Dr Chanda said the exercise will help to maintain the current trajectory of reduction in the  COVID-19 transmission.

He said that president Edgar Lungu approved the Zambia COVID-19 vaccination program on March 24th 2021, as an additional public health security measure for Zambians.

“ As we approach the cold season, we become conscious of a possible upsurge in the number of COVID-19 cases, flus as well as “non-COVID pneumonias, So every Zambian should adhere to the COVID-19 public health prevention measures, and voluntarily get vaccinated,” he said.

Dr Chanda also thanked GAVI, the vaccine alliance for its exemplary support in ensuring all children under 5 years of age have access to routine vaccines.

He said the five year strategy which begins in 2022 with a new focus dubbed the Zero-Dose Child aimed at reaching the close to 10 million children in low-income countries who have not accessed any basic vaccine.

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