Let’s focus on the Presidency-PF Supremo

 Let’s focus on the Presidency-PF Supremo

The PF Secretary General Davis Mwila directed all party members countrywide to focus on winning the Republican Presidency.

Addressing PF District Officials and aspiring candidates from Chingola, Mufulira, Chiilibombwe, Luanshya and Lufwanyama today at Chingola Secondary, Mr Mwila said the focus should on the top job.

He told the members that they should concetrate on mobilizing the party in order to secure votes for the President.

Mr Mwila said the party should promote the name of the President and not individuals.

He said the legacy of the party depends on the Presidency, urging members to be only loyalty to the President.

He said even if the party wins more parliamentary seats but without the Presidency, the PF wont survive politically.

Mr Mwila told the members not to concentrate on the adoptions but on mobilizing the party so that it can win the 2021 elections with ease.

He said that the party has been preparing itself for both the general conference, adoption process and the elections.

Mr Mwila said the PF District chairpersons should concetrate on forming more structures and branches for the party.

The SG emphasized on the need to secure the vote for the President as the most vital thing for the party.

“Once the President has been voted into office, then we have formed government, we can have 150 MPs but without the President, it means nothing,” he said.

He said the provincial and district structures are in charge of the mobilizing process, hence everyone should behave in an orderly manner and rally behind them.

Mr Mwila told the committees to show exemplary leadership by respecting themselves in their conduct. No

He said members should not expose themselves by wearing the party regalia anyhow.

The Copperbelt PF Provincial Executive was also present.

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