Layson Mayibe is a political nomad-UPND

 Layson Mayibe is a political nomad-UPND

UPND in Chililabombwe says Layson Mayibe is a political nomad who recently defected from Rainbow Party to UPND and now has crossed again into PF.

UPND Chililabombwe District Chairperson Timothy Musonda said Mr Mayibe is a young man who defected from Rainbow Party to UPND soon after he was defeated as a Councillor.

Mr Musonda said a hungry soul is always stray and nomadic.

He dispelled media reports that Mr Mayibe had defected together with 100 UPND members to the ruling PF.

Mr Musonda said UPND was compelled to respond to the allegations of defections because they were misleading.

He said to claim that he defected together with 100 other supporters is strange to the party.

“Who are those 100 supporters? What are their names and which ward do they come from? What were their card numbers?” he said.

Mr Musonda said at moment no one could think of defecting to PF when there is no medicine in hospitals, the district has poor roads as is the case here in Chililabombwe.

He said miners have been neglected by the government.

Mr Musonda said people in Chililabombwe are like orphans with no leadership to talk about.

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