Lawlessness by some chingola UPND cadres condemned

 Lawlessness by some chingola UPND cadres condemned

By Staff writer

The Socialist Party has condemned the shocking act by some UPND cadres in Chingola that stormed Radio Kokoliko and stopped a broadcast that hosted EEP President Chilufya Tayali.

Socialist Party President Fred Mmembe said stopping the broadcast was not enough for the cadres they further drove Mr Chilufya out of Chingola.

He said the above acts are violations of fundamental human rights, which is the freedom of expression.

“As if stopping the broadcast was not bad enough, they forced Mr Tayali out of Chingola.These cadres are known and are bragging about it. But no arrests!
What type of law enforcement is this? Are UPND cadres above the law? What would be the situation if this was done by opposition cadres to a UPND leader?” he questioned.

Mr Mmembe said this issue needs urgency reaction as it is a very serious matter.

“Freedom of expression is the freedom for us all to express ourselves. It is the right to speak, to be heard, and to participate in political, artistic, and social life. It also includes the ‘right to know’: the right to seek, receive, and share information through any media,” he said

The Socialist president said when government is criticized for not living up to its promises, that’s called exercising the right to freedom of expression.