Lack of medicines in Health facilities Mufulira Central worrying- Silavwe

 Lack of medicines in Health facilities Mufulira Central worrying- Silavwe

Golden party of Zambia Parliamentary candidate for Mufulira Central Constituency Jackson Silavwe says lack of essential medicines in Health facilities in Mufulira Central is worrying.

Mr Silavwe said it is disappointing to see most of the health facilities especially in Mufulira Central running without medicine in the pharmacy and patients come out with mere prescriptions from the health centers.

“Not too long ago the scam was unearthed in which medicines were expiring on the shelves of formerly known medical stores in Lusaka and yet hospitals and health facilities throughout the country experience perpetual shortages with patients being dismissed with mere prescriptions,” he said.

He said some health centers such as in Kawama West only operate from 08:00hrs to 14:00hrs daily.

Mr Silavwe said it is disheartening to note that 57 years after the Country’s independence, the health needs of the people of Mufulira Central are not being adequately met.

He said it is now governments healthy policy in Mufulira Central to only issue prescriptions and government health facilities has been reduced to consultants.

Mr Silavwe has urged the Government through the Ministry of Health to swiftly restock all health facilities in Mufulira Central and restore sanity in operating hours for all health posts.

He said quality health care is essential to the development of a community and the nation at large.