Labour Commissioner Condemns Juba Transport Limited

 Labour Commissioner Condemns Juba Transport Limited

By Staff Writer
The Labour Commissioner, Givens Muntengwa has appealed to the public to exercise patience as investigations for the death of Juba Transport Limited employee are ongoing.

Mr Muntengwa noted that the public should not look at the Ministry to be unconcerned and heartless in relation to the death of Juba transport driver but rather it is equally dismayed with the transporter’s conduct regarding the repatriation of the body of the person.

“The Ministry is in receipt of the sad and disheartening incident that happened in Mozambique where a driver of Juba transport was hit by a vehicle and subsequently died. The question to be asked is where was Juba transport if indeed they were concerned with the death of their employee, the Commissioner questioned”

Mr Muntengwa clarified that the employee died while on duty and was trying to secure a safe transit of the goods for the benefit of the company adding that the company was expected to have risen above the dark margins to ensure that the departed employee was mourned in dignity and respect.

He said that the Ministry was aware of the fact that the social media was awash with comments condemning the Ministry especially that the body of the deceased was transported at the behest of his friends who mobilised themselves and travelled to Mozambique.

In this regard, Mr Muntengwa disclosed that the ministry commiserates with the family of the deceased and that the Ministry engaged Juba transport to find out exactly what transpired.

He noted that so far, the position of the company is slightly different from what was circulating on Social media but what could not be denied is that   employees were equally complaining of other issues which make the company an incorrigible employer.

“Even outside of the realm of this incident, there are reports of Juba transport failing to deal with matters that should have ordinarily have been dealt without our involvement, Commissioner said.”

Mr Muntengwa further noted that the Ministry would also be reaching out to the gallant friends who repariated the body so that accurate information can  be gathered on this matter so as to send a strong signal should Juba be found wanting.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner expressed the Ministry’s displeasure with sector unions for their failure to issue a statement on the matter when ordinarily it’s the unions’ responsibility to condemn such behaviour as the one that was exabited by Juba transport.

He guided that the Ministry would issue a comprehensive statement once accurate information is collected on the matter.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.