Kudos Mulonga Water for overcoming brown water

Dear Editor,

Over the years, Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has been on the centre of controversy to its customers mainly those of Nchanga South Township.

This was because of the muddy water it was providing. We saw several video posts about the dirty water that used to stream from our taps, we got so upset about the service.

But Mulonga Water Public Relations Manager Debora Kangende would always to attend to the concerns even though that wasn’t enough because residents were still paying for the poor service.

Months and years went on. They say when you get used to comfort, you forget the suffering you were going through.

This is the case with many of us who used to have muddy water.

I have just come to realize that the case of muddy water is no more on my taps and so I took time to ask my neighbors about the kind of water they are receiving, everyone in my neighborhood said they have even forgotten when last they received muddy water.

This is to me an indication that the service has improved and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mulonga Water management through and Ms Kangende for the commendable job done towards purified excellence.

We look forward to more value addition to the services you provide.

Alex Mwewa

Resident of Nchanga South