KK was an icon of freedom-Kampyongo

 KK was an icon of freedom-Kampyongo

Patriotic Front (PF) Member of the Central Committee Stephen Kampyongo says Zambia’s founding father Dr Kenneth Kaunda as an icon of freedom not just for Zambia but also other African Countries.

Mr Kampyongo said Dr Kaunda was a freedom fighter who played a pivotal role in liberating the Nation Zambia.

Mr Kampyongo said Dr Kaunda will be remembered as a man who promoted peace and unity while he was alive by embracing a motto of One Zambia One Nation.

Mr Kampyongo who is also Shiwang`andu Constituency parliamentary candidate said this during the signing of the book of condolence for the late Dr Kaunda at Shiwa Estate where the first draft of the Constitution of Zambia took place.

”The first draft of the Constitution of Zambia was prepared by Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and others under a tree which was planted in the year 1953 at Shiwa Estate in Shiwang`andu District,” he said.

Mr Kampyongo said Shiwang`andu constituency has part of the independence history at the remarkable Shiwa Estate where the first draft of the Zambian Constitution was done.

“Dr. Kaunda with Simon Mwansa Kampwepwe and Robert Kapasa Makasa received support and help from Sir Stewart Gore-browne, a British establisher of Shiwa Estate in Shiwang`andu district., I want to also commend Charles Harvey, the successor of Shiwa Estate for preserving the legacy of his grandfather and has since urged them to continue preserving the Estate because it has history attached to the independence of Zambia,” he said.

Mr Kampyongo said, after Zambia gained its independence, Dr Kenneth Kaunda helped other African Countries such as Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa to gain their freedom from Colonial Masters.

The body of the late First President Kenneth of Zambia David Kaunda will be in Chinsali Muchinga Province tomorrow Sunday July 4 for public viewing.