Kitwe Mayor suspended from PF

 Kitwe Mayor suspended from PF

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe has been suspended from Patriotic Front.

“I can confirm that I am in receipt of a letter suspending me from the Patriotic Front and from all PF party activities until further notice,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Mr Kang’ombe has already been slapped with suspension as Copperbelt Provincial vice Chairperson and his Council Kitwe was equally suspended to deflate his wheels.

Mr Kang’ombe has never seen political light ever since he snubbed the First Lady Esther Lungu in Kitwe.

The undersigned on the suspension later is Everisto Chilufya, the man who was deputy mayor to Mr Kang’ombe and received blessings when he was vying for the seat as Kitwe District PF Chairperson.

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