Kitwe Local Govt Administrator urges council employees to uphold legality

 Kitwe Local Govt Administrator urges council employees to uphold legality

The Kitwe Local Government Administrator Adam Jere has urged officers and employees at Kitwe City Council never to compromise on standards and procedures in the administration of the mandate of the Local Authority.

Speaking during a full Council Meeting held yesterday Mr Jere said all Council officers and employees should exercise the highest levels of integrity as it is a prerequisite of efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

“All Council officers and employees must be above board to ensure that illegality is not entertained,” He said.

He has since advised all Council employees to strive to follow procedures and perform duties within the confines of law.

Mr Jere said members of the public should also ensure that they follow guidelines stipulated by the law when dealing with any matter involving the Local Authority so that they help in curbing illegality.

And he said the Local Authority should consider engaging more women and the youth in the coordination of keep Zambia Clean, Green and Health Compaign so that the Local Authority could adequately address the issue of waste management.

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