Kitwe Council to Establish new burial site

 Kitwe Council to Establish new burial site

By Staff Writer
Kitwe City Council is looking for land to establish another cemetery as the depletion rate for burial spaces at Chingola road cemetery is quite high.

Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba said Chingola road cemetery is one of the cemeteries in Kitwe among other five cemeteries namely: Nkana Memorial Park, Zamtan, Chisokone, Chamboli and Nakayombo cemetery respectively.

Ms Mwamba said the local authority is planning ahead to ensure that once the burial spaces at Chingola road cemetery are depleted, another established land can be ready to be used as a cemetery.

” The burial spaces at Chingola cemetery are at the verge of depletion as the cemetery is only remaining with three years to be full,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chamboli cemetery is expected to be full in four years, Zamtan and Chisokone is remaining with 10 years to be full, Nakayombo is likely to be depleted in 12 years time while Nkana Memorial Park burial spaces are expected to be depleted in the next 19 years.

She said the depletion rate of the burial spaces is in relation to the death rate in the district.

Ms Mwamba said therefore, the local authority is committed to ensure that it establishes prospective areas to be used as cemeteries.

She said the burial fees for the existing cemeteries per burial space is as follows:
Nkana Memorial Park costs K10 000 for a burial space, Chingola road cemetery is at K2 500, Chisokone high cost is also at K2 500 and medium cost K600, Zamtan is at K150 and Nakayombo is also at K150 per burial space respectively.

Meanwhile, members of the public should be aware that Chamboli cemetery is only open for burial to children below 12 years at the cost of K100 per burial space while burial of children below 12years at Chingola road, Zamtan, Nakayombo and Chisokone cemetery is free.

Cremation is only done at Chingola road cemetery at a fee of K2 500.

The local authority is doing its best to maintain the cemeteries in the district.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.