Kencart donates face masks

Kencart General Contractors have donated face masks to the community of Serenje toward the fight against corona virus.

The company which is based in Chililabombwe has also done similar donations in Chililabombwe but this time has donated in Selenje because their have a project there and felt the need to help the rural community.

Kencart Chairperson Kennedy Mwape said that the donation was to encourage people in rural areas to wear masks as their may take it for granted that the virus my not reach them.

Mr Mwape said that consented effort is needed in the fight against the virus as people in rural areas need more education and knowledge about the virus and it’s dangers.

He said the people in rural communities maybe vulnerable because of lack of knowledge and access to information on the media.

Kencart Director Matthews Mwape said this is also one way of sensitizing to the people telling them the importance of wearing a mask as a preventive measure.

Mr Mwape said that people should know that prevention is better than cure as the virus has no medication at the moment.

He said the key issue about this pandemic is saving life through the preventive measures that have been put in place.

And Kencart Marketing Manager Londani Nkhoma said in this fight all should be involved even if it means putting on a mask is the only thing that one can do let’s do that.

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