Kelvin Kabolesha graduating with a smile

 Kelvin Kabolesha graduating with a smile

Kelvin Kabolesha has just graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management from the Copperbelt University.
Mr Kabolesha, a Shift boss in Charge at Waste Heat Recovery Boiler (WHRB) and Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) at Konkola Coper Mines is grateful to the company management for giving him the platform to realize his dreams.
Brought up by a single mom, peasant farmer, Mr Kabolesha is the only son in a family of three.
Born in Mungwala village of Mumbwa Chief Shakumbila he went to Nampundwe High School.
Mr Kabolesha joined KCM in 2005 as a trainee at Nampundwe mine.
He worked in various section in concentrator of which he was confirmed as an Operator on flotation
“Due to global financial crisis, Nampundwe mine was put on care and maintenance in 2009, so I was transferred to Nchanga Smelter in Chingola same year in December,” he said.
Between 2010 and 2012, Mr Kabolesha Diploma in Human Resource wit Cambridge International College.
Soon after completing he enrolled at CBU for BA in Human Resource.
“I want to thank management of KCM for giving me platform of realizing my dreams. Without this company I wouldn’t reach this far. They have sponsored me indirectly. I also want to thank my lovely wife Mulenga Memory she has been my pillar. My son Shad rick, daughters Judith and Keziah and my late mum she remains my heroine.

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