KCM too powerful even UPND is feeling the heat, Chilundika faces axe

 KCM too powerful even UPND is feeling the heat, Chilundika faces axe

Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) has been accused by UPND inner circles of exerting more influence on the party structures on the Copperbelt.

And the outspoken UPND member Derricky Chilundika is the immediate casualty in the whole episode.

Mr Chilundika has been consistent with his anti-KCM message but his stance has reportedly not gone well with UPND hierarchy.

The UPND Chingola District Chairperson Rapheal Chimupi is said to be an employee of KCM working on contract terms at IT department.

With him at the helm of UPND in Chingola he is perceived as the man blessing the activities of Mr Chilundika.

Reports reaching The Independent Observer indicate that Mr Chimupi has been asked to tame his man or risk having his contract terminated.

For Zambian belly politicians, the answer is not too difficult.

Another man feeling the heat of KCM is the UPND Copperbelt Provincial Information Publicity Secretary whose scrap metal business is reported to solely depend on KCM.

He has been another man told to tame Mr Chilundika or he risk not doing business with the mining firm.

This is all in terms of battle fronts that have engulfed Mr Chilundika.

During the 2016 parliamentary adoption for Nchanga many were aggrieved that Mr Chilundika who joined UPND on the last minute was adopted.

This beef has been like fire in the rubbish pit

Local and provincial UPND officials are reportedly getting money from one UPND member who lost the Nchanga parliamentary adoption in 2016 to Mr Chilundika.

However, UPND leadership is said to be unaware of the maneuvers being made in Nchanga

The expulsion of Mr Chilundika appears unconstitutional but each political party has rules. And lately we have seen solidarity of Mr Chilundika.

The sad news is that Zambians are putting hope in UPND to form next Government but UPND instead of organizing structures the party is busy with in fighting.


Alice Nachilembe


Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.

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