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Dear Editor,

On behalf of Lulamba residents I’m concerned over unprofessionalism Zesco in Chingola.

As residents in Lulamba we have been experiencing power interruption especially during rainy season.

And when we ask them they referred us to Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) which still feeds part of Lulamba.

We pay for service to Zesco but when we have a complaint they refer to KCM a third party who we have no agreement with.

Sadly, even before the rainy season we have started experiencing the shambolic service from Zesco meaning that during the rainy season it will be in total darkness.

With this terrible load shedding we are struggling to make survive from our small kiosks but Zesco wants to paralyze our effort with unnecessary power interruption.

My appeal to our Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa who is also Energy Minister to engage Zesco Chingola Regional Manager to sort out this mess of KCM and wean residents from KCM supply.

The story of KCM supplying power to residential should come to the end.

Felix Chembe
Lulamba Bar Owner/Marketeer