KCM miners being used like pawns in a chess game

 KCM miners being used like pawns in a chess game

Dear Editor,

Is the splitting of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) into two entities really being done in good faith?

In my opinion and from friends in the mines who have critically analysed this move, it seems to be more political than it is about saving the mine and the welfare of the miners.

The miners are asking, if this split is in good faith, why have they decided to pay the severance packages in three installments?

The first installment will be paid between February and March, then second one will be done after six months while the third and final after another 6months.

This move is just to play on the miner’s minds so that they can stick to and vote for the PF as they’ll feel the PF still owes them something.

This is almost the same scenario as when someone owes you money, the thought of them shifting from the area or them changing their contacts is never welcome at all, you always want them close by and you keeping an eye on them till they settle your money!

They are creating fear in the mining community that should the PF leave office, they risk the other two installments not being paid to them by the government that would come into power.

I feel for the miners, they are being used like pawns in a chess game. These packages will be paid during the time people will be preparing for campaigns and psychologically am sure the mining community’s allegiance will be with the PF, they’ll be the heroes of the day because they would’ve put money in the miners’ pockets and much more pending to be given.

This move is more about the PF’s political survival on the Copperbelt than it is about the sustainability of the mine and the welfare of the miners.

If KCM means well for the miners pay them their severance packages in full so that as they move on to the two new entities or as they venture out into something else, they start on a clean slate.

Also if KCM means well for the mine let them just mobilize funds and resources to recapitalize the mines to achieve higher production and better conditions of service for the employees, and they should be very transparent about it. A well remunerated employee is highly motivated and very much more productive.

Arthur Teleshi
Aspiring MP
Nchanga Constituency

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