KCM lockouts Contractor workers on an illegal strike  

 KCM lockouts Contractor workers on an illegal strike  

Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) Management and its subsidiaries, the Konkola Mineral Resources (KMRL) and KCM SmelterCo says that some 450 workers for Contractor companies working in the Organization at the Nchanga operations in Chingola have been locked out for going on an illegal work stoppage.

Some Contractor workers went on a work stoppage on Tuesday October,5  2021.

KCM General Manager Corporate Affairs Shapi Shachinda said KCM’s considered position is that the demonstrations and picketing are illegal and an affront to the Industrial and Labour Relations Laws of Zambia.

Mr Shachinda said the illegal strike also undermined and breached the Contractual obligations that Contractors have with KCM.

He said said the contractor workers, who went on a work stoppage without following the right channels of presenting their grievances to their Directors.

Mr Shachinda said KCM has noted that it is not all Contractor workers who participated in the illegal strike as some were working normally.

“In order to have a conducive work environment, KCM Management decided that Contractor workers who participated in the illegal strike would only be allowed back in the KCM operational areas after undergoing a prescribed disciplinary process in their respective companies. The workers who did not participate in the strike will continue to report to their work stations and shall be assigned their respective tasks,” he said.

He said KCM Management will continue to constructively engage with the Contractors, the Government and its regulatory agencies and other stakeholders on this issue with a view to resolving contentious issues within the legal framework and the Company’s procedures.

Mr Shachinda said this is to ensure a conducive and productive work environment is restored given that KCM remains under liquidation at this time.

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