KCM lays off 370 contract miners

Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) has laid off 370 miners belonging to three contractors at its Nchanga underground mine.

The three contractors are Elioyoni, Lukoria and Mpelembe drilling.

KCM Corporate General Manager Eugene Chungu said the Nchanga underground mine had been under care and maintenance for a long time.

Mr Chungu said Nchanga underground mine would continue to be under care and maintenance until KCM restocks enough acid to treat the material mined from underground.

“Yes the contracts for Lukoria with 150 workers, Elioyoni with 150 and Mpelembe with 113 have expired and we have not yet renewed them. But we have retained 43 workers from Mpelembe for critical jobs to be working hand in hand with KCM staff.

“Once we have restocked enough acid we will resume operation at Nchanga underground and we will decide either to renew the same contractors or otherwise,” he said

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