KCM is sitting on 3000 jobs


Nchanga Member of Parliament Chali Chilombo says Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) is sitting on over 3000 jobs meant for youths in Chingola.

The Nchanga Lawmaker wants the Ministry of Mines to give an explanation as to why KCM is serving small miners with injunctions each time they want to begin operations in Mimbula.

Mr Chilombo was speaking in Parliament on Thursday when he was contributing on the motion of expenditure in support of the budget for the Ministry of Mines.

The Parliamentarian said Chingola has some copper dump sites which can create 3, 000 for youths if KCM can let go of them.

He said all small scale mining companies the ministry had issued mining licences to have been served with court injunctions restraining them from operating.

“The Ministry of Mines had given the youths of Kitwe part of the Black Mountain and I wonder when youths in Chingola benefit from the copper deposits in their backyards will

“I want the Ministry of Mines to state its position on the matter and also to put KCM where it belongs so that the more than 3, 000 youths can become a reality,” he said.

Regarding the budget, Mr Chilombo said the allocation of K39 million to Ministry of Mines by the Minister of Finance needs a rethought.

He said mining industry is hazardous and safety is paramount for the mineral to be safely extracted.

“The money allocated for mining inspections for explosives K50, 000, large scale mining K100, 000, small scale mining K100, 000 and for regulations review K40, 000. All these amounts are too small. Like the mine regulation we are using is old hence the need for review. But how can we review with K40, 000?” he said.

He said mining is the backbone of the economy and having K39 million is a drop in the ocean considering the money the same industry would generate for the nation.