KCM contractors miners demonstrate, getting tired of liquidation process

 KCM contractors miners demonstrate, getting tired of liquidation process

Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) contractors are demanding for the progress report on the impasse which has rocked the mine.

The contractors feel the disengagement process of Vedanta by the Zambian has stalled thereby bringing panic among the contractors.

To show their displeasure the contractors walked to Nchanga Member of Parliament office this morning saying the courts are taking too long to bring the matter to a conclusion.

Ronald Mwanaute one of the contractors said that they wanted to know the progress on the court case and date when the matter will be put to sleep.

Mr Mwanaute said people in Chingola are suffering and are seeking for concrete answers.

He said the people working in KCM are denied loans because of the case which is in court.

Mr Mwanaute also said they wanted to know who is the new investor for KCM and when that investor coming.

He said Chingola is a mining town and can only survive when the mines are doing well.

“We want our plight to be head because we are suffering with our families and we have no where we can run to,” he said.

And Nchanga Member of Parliament Chali Chilombo who addressed the contractors assured them that his government is working round the clock to resolve the issue.

Mr Chilombo said that the issues at hand is serious as it touches on the livelihood of the people.

Mr Chilombo said the peoples cries have been head and was hopeful the court case can come to an end soon.

The MP promised the contractors that he will take the message to the President.

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