KCC warns Mufuchani illegal land Allocators

 KCC warns Mufuchani illegal land Allocators

Kitwe City Council has warned unscrupulous people illegally allocating land in Mufuchani Township in Kitwe that they risk being arrested and prosecuted.

KCC Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba said the problem of illegal land allocation by unscrupulous land agents known as ‘Bapungwa’ has been a thorny issue for the Local Authority.

Ms Mwamba said that the Local Authority has thereby advised residents of Mufuchani Township not to be desperate for acquiring land to an extent of buying plots from people who have no rights to sell land on behalf of the Council.

” The Local Authority does not take pleasure in demolishing people’s houses that are built through illegally acquired land because it is not only costly to the local authority to carry out demolitions but also to the illegal developer whose property will be brought down,” she said.

Ms Mwamba has since appealed to residents of Mufuchani to report any suspected illegal land allocations in the area.

She said that this will help the Local Authority to address the issue diligently.

Ms Mwamba said the Local Authority will as well not hesitate to demolish any property that will be constructed in the area without following the right procedures.