KCC warn people removing name tags from graves

 KCC warn people removing name tags from graves

By Staff Writer
Kitwe City Council says that it is appalled by unscrupulous scrap metal dealers vandalising name tags from graves of the dead at Chingola Road Cemetery in Kitwe.

Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba said the Local Authority did an inspection last week to ascertain the reports coming from the general public that unknown people were removing markers from the grave yard.

Ms Mwamba said a number of grave markers have been removed from Chingola Cemetery by unknown scrap metal dealers suspected to be from Ituna, Twatasha and Race Course Townships.

She said it is disappointing because this act of theft will make it difficult for families to identify graves of their late family members.

“Vandalism to graveyard is an arrestable offence,” she said.

Ms Mwamba said the Local has appealed to Kitwe residents to report anyone who they suspect of stealing grave markers.

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