KBF meets 1, 500 clergy in Chingola

 KBF meets 1, 500 clergy in Chingola

By George Sichula
Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) met about 1500 Pastors, Revs, leaders and Bishops in Chingola yesterday and today he has met others in Chililabombwe.

The language for the clergy is slowly changing. Like they say,”Association brings assimilation.

I tend to wonder, are our leaders aware that KBF is working with the churches across the Nation?

A seed is being planted and our leaders are waiting for 2021 to start meeting the people.

Hearts of people are slowly hardening towards PF because of the conflicting messages.

By the time you plan to meet people it will be a different scenario.Dont wait for an election to meet the people. Now that we have an election in Kitwe -Lubwa ward and Katuba Constituency, Everyone will be there.

I will not be shocked if we get embarrassed again in the forthcoming bye elections because the opposition is planning another lopola for PF while we are sleeping.

Let the sleeping giants in PF wake up and start meeting people like KBF is doing.

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