Kawambwa Tea out grower scheme: poverty eradicator

 Kawambwa Tea out grower scheme: poverty eradicator

Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa says the Kawambwa Tea out grower scheme will lift thousands of people out of poverty.

According to his latest Facebook post, Mr Chilangwa said that there is a factory coming, to revamp Kawambwa Tea.

He said the out growers would be growing Tea for the first time since 1969.

“When President Edgar Lungu signed an acquisition order for government to repossess Kawambwa Tea Company from foreign owners and handed it to a Zambian company, ZAFFICO he wanted this company to create jobs and other economic opportunities.

“This company had been through so many hands under the MMD government watch. The untold suffering that our people went through can’t be described. Today, ZAFFICO has done a tremendous job by revamping this company. ZAFFICO will construct a completely new factory and introduce an out grower scheme,” he said.

He said the 300,000 tea cuttings imported from Kenya are meant to nurture the mother bushes for the project.

“Friends, a tea tree’s life span is 100 years. So if you have a tea field, it means you have a gold mine which will benefit your generation.

“So all I would do if I were you is too look for a piece of land and beginning planning. Government will not employ everybody,” he said.

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