Kasumbalesa border congestion health risk-Youths

 Kasumbalesa border congestion health risk-Youths

PF Chililabombwe Constituency Youth Chairman Samson Chisambo says the situation at the border is a health hazard.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Chisambo said the situation is fast deteriorating and security is getting compromised thereby posing a danger to motorists and traders at the border.

He said the congestion being created in the Central District (CDB) of Chililabombwe and the route from Chingola is posing a danger to residents.

“Residents are being inconvenienced and exposed to danger due to the hazardous chemicals carried by some trucks, potential accidents, increase in social and environmental disorder and criminal activities.

“Chililabombwe is a developing town and does not have enough infrastructure and sanitary facilities to cater for over two thousand trucks. The means there is a risky of an outbreak of diarrhea diseases,” he said.

Mr Chisambo said there is need for an immediate resolution to this crisis

He said the Local Authority in Chililabombwe should act with urgency in ensuring that proposed truck yards in Kasumbalesa and Fitwaula is worked on.

Mr Chisambo said the avenues would decongest town and also create employment and business opportunities to the people of Chililabombwe and promote infrastructure development.

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