Kasompe Councillor lead feeder road grading team

 Kasompe Councillor lead feeder road grading team

Kasompe ward Councillor Martin Lombe in conjunction with the Local Authority has graded some access feeder road in his ward in preparation for the onset of the rains.

Mr Lombe said the road leading to Kasompe Health Post and cemetery have been graded to motorable standard.

Other access roads that have been graded are those roads leading to Kasompe Primary School, Chipata road, the road between Churches and the road near Jehovah’s Witness.

He said that access roads are usually a challenge in the rain season, hence the need to work on them in advance.

Mr Lombe said the roads have been done in conjunction with the Local Authority.

“I want to see to it that the people of Kasompe have access to the facilities that are entitled to them in terms of good roads and access to clean water,” he said.

He will also begin the opening up of drainages to ensure smooth running of rain water.

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