Kashala sent on administrative leave

 Kashala sent on administrative leave

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) General Secretary Adrian Kashala has been sent on Administrative Leave with immediate effect.

Kashala’s administrative leave comes after the secretariat exercised powers outside their jurisdiction.

FAZ President Andrew Kamanga said the secretariat did not communicate the decisions of the Emergency Executive Committee Meeting to all the concerned parties as guided.

“The Emergency Executive Committee meeting involves Nkana’s complaint against Young Green Eagles’ over the alleged use of an ineligible player, the suspension of Indeni Football Club coach Mwenya Chipepo and suspension of Kashikishi Warriors for physically abusing match officials,” he said

Kamanga said following the meeting, the FAZ secretariat represented by the General Secretary was requested to provide the committee with an explanation on the three matters and the status.

“The deliberation, the executive committee resolved that the matters that the secretariat had provisionally ruled on be referred to the relevant judicial bodies as they had no authority to deal with them, the Secretariat was immediately directed to inform the parties involved of the committee’s resolutions and further brief the relevant judicial bodies so that decisions be made prior to the conclusion of the season,” he said.

Kamanga said despite the committees having deliberated and communicated their decisions to the secretariat, they did not communicate on time and released the statement on the Nkana, Young Green Eagles’ complaint when the concluding fixtures where being played.

Kamanga has since called on parties whose cases were presided over by the secretariat to appeal the decisions within 14 days as provided for in the FAZ Statutes.