Kapiri Mposhi accident caused by driver negligence

 Kapiri Mposhi accident caused by driver negligence

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) say yesterday’s accident in Kapiri Mposhi involving a Goods Train and a Fuel Tanker was caused by driver negligence.

RTSA Head of Public relations Frederick Mubanga said the accident at a rail crossing in which two lives of train operators were lost could have been avoided had the tanker driver exercised care.

Mr Mubanga said that this is according to investigations conducted by the agency.

He said the fuel tanker driver Timothy Shawa failed to stop at a railway crossing despite the warning signage placed before the passage point and warning sound from the locomotive.

Mr Mubanga said the tanker driver went against rule number 255 of the Zambian Highway Code which grants the train, the right of way.

“The agency will write to the driver to show cause why his Driving Licence should not be revoked for disregarding the provisions of the Road Traffic Act with impunity,” he said.

Mr Mubanga has since recommended the installation of automated gates and warning lights at all railway crossings on the Zambian road network to compel motorists to stop at railway crossings.

He also conveyed a message of condolences to the bereaved families and the Zambia Railways Limited for the loss of lives that could have been avoided.