Kapiri Council confiscate 21 Bonaza machines

 Kapiri Council confiscate 21 Bonaza machines
Kapiri Mposhi Town Council have confiscated over 21 bonanza machines and closed three bars for operating in breach of Covid-19 guidelines.
Kapiri Mposhi Public Relations Officer Chris Mulaliki some traders had turned their shops into casinos by placing bonanza machines theirin.
” Officers confiscated 21 bonanza machines where people were found betting without adhering to covid-19 health regulations,”he said.
He said Bar owners and bonanza machines who were found abrogating Government’s directive have been summoned to appear before Public Health Section at the Civic Centre.
And Council Secretary Isaac Zimba has expressed concern over the continued disregard of Covid19 guidelines.
 Mr Zimba observed that the district has continued to record Covid-19 cases as announced by the Ministry of Health and despite the increase in covid-19 related deaths, those doing business have decided to ignore the government’s directive.
“For those that want to continue trading in liquor business, we expect them to adhere to operating hours that is from 10:00 hours to 22:00 hours on take away basis only without allowing patrons to seat and drink from their premises,” he said.
He said  the joint operations will be ongoing and will be extended to the outskirts in the district to ensure that people adhere to covid-19 health regulations.

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