Kapiri burns rotten meat

 Kapiri burns rotten meat

Kapiri Mposhi Town Council has seized and disposed off rotten meat worth K42, 000 which was to be sold to members of the public.

This was during a joint operation with officers from the Ministry of Livestock, state police and Council Health inspectors, who impounded light truck on Monday 18th January, 2021.

Kapiri Mposhi Town Council Public Relations Officer Chris Mulaliki said the truck was carrying carcasses which were being transported to the Copperbelt to be sold the public.

Mr Mulaliki said the owner of the carcasses had no documentation to show that the meat was inspected and had no permit to transport the carcasses to the Copperbelt.

He said after an inspection by health inspectors, the meat whose market value is K42, 000.00 was found not to be fit for human consumption.

Mr Mulaliki said a seizure notice was issued as the meat was rotten with unpleasant odor and not fit to be sold to the members of the public for consumption.

He said the carcasses were condemned and have been disposed of by incineration.

Mr Mulaliki said carcasses were being transported in an open van that is not enclosed as provided for in the public health act (abattoir and transport of meat) regulations.

He said the Local Authority is therefore, appealing to the members of the general public to buy meat products from authorized supermarkets or butcheries whose meat has been inspected and certified fit for human consumption.

“We would like to warn business traders to desist from selling meat products that have not been inspected by health inspectors as it is a requirement before it is sold to the members of the public,” he said.



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