Kang’ombe vows to accelerate Chingola city status

 Kang’ombe vows to accelerate Chingola city status


UPND’S Chingola mayoral candidate Johnson Kangombe says once elected he will ensure that Chingola is turned into a city.

Speaking shortly after he successfully filed in, Mr Kangombe said all angles that have lagged behind will be worked on using the money that is collected from markets

“If there is an institution that makes money apart from ZRA it is the local council, so the money that will be collected from marketers will be put to good use to ensure that the people of Chingola a proud,” he said

Mr Kangombe said that the people of Chingola will benefit because his leadership will be an all-inclusive, and party’s capital is their leader, Mr Hichilema.

“The government has been sending equalisation funds every month to sustain the councils, so that money under the UPND will be used to develop the entire district,” he said

Mr Kangombe said that unemployment levels in the district will be reduced because youths will be involved in active empowerments that will enrich their lives.

“It is unacceptable that Chingola has high unemployment rates, we have a lot of mines, and Chingola boosts of one of the largest open pit mines, why should there be unemployment, once elected UPND will create jobs through the available sources in the district,” he said.

Mr Kangombe said all the youths and women will be empowered with proper empowerment not the current empowerment that has been witnessed with lots of handouts.


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