Kampyongo warns Chilanga troublemakers


By Inutu Mwanza in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has warned Government will not entertain anarchy in the ongoing Chilanga by-election campaigns.

Speaking in Addis Ababa when he transited from Hongkong, Mr Kampyongo condemned the violence that characterized yesterday’s political campaigns in Chilanga.

He said government is aware that some political leaders are sponsoring violence in order to use it as an excuse when they lose the elections.

Mr Kampyongo said all perpetrators of violence will be dealt with regardless of political affiliation.

He said violence undermines democracy and defeats the purpose of having a fair and level playing field of campaigns.

Mr Kampyongo has also asked PF youths who intend to campaign in Chilanga to seek permission from the party leadership.

The Minister further called for peaceful campaigns in chilanga constituency.

The writer is the First Secretary-Press & Tourism at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia.