Kampyongo named in the Mufurila cobalt saga

 Kampyongo named in the Mufurila cobalt saga

Dear Editor,

I am asking the Copperbelt Chairperson Nathan Chanda to quickly move in and stop this nonsense going on regarding Mufurila old cobalt plant.

Why is the Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo allegedly stealing the cobalt from Mufurila old cobalt plant meant to empower Youths?

Can the Minister please leave what is meant for Youth Empowerment to the Youths?

He is not the National Youth Chairperson to oppress the Youths.

We know what is going on, you want to finish all the soup so that you leave scraps for the Youths.

Change your attitude towards youth empowerment

Because being the National Youth Chairperson does not guaranty you to steal what is meant for the Youths.

What a shame, you even engage your namesake Steven Kengwula commonly known as Stevo from the secretariat Youth wing.

He is the one you are using.

Travelling twice a week on illegal transactions.

Our Copperbelt Chairperson Nathan Chandra, do something urgently.

Stevo, you need to have a heart full of love for your fellow youths.

May God change your stony hearts?

 Clarence Kalumbu Chinyanta
PF concerned member

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