Kambwili’s suspension lifted

 Kambwili’s suspension lifted

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has lifted the suspension of Chishimba Kambwili from campaigning effective mid-night today.

Mr Kambwili was indefinitely suspended from campaigning on June,30, 2021 by the ECZ subject to review, from participating in any campaign activities in line with paragraph 11(i) (d) of the Electoral Code of Conduct.

Mr Kambwili’s suspension was due to failure to adhere to the Electoral Code of Conduct, particularly, the use of hate speech and holding of campaign rallies despite the guidance provided.

ECZ says Mr Kambwili has shown remorse through the apology he rendered to the Commission and his conduct during the time of his suspension.

ECZ corporate affairs manager Patricia Luhanga says arising from this, the Commission decided to lift the suspension.

“Mr Kambwili is further advised to use appropriate language when conducting any campaigns, the Commission has also reiterated that use of language which incites hatred or violence in any form against any person shall not be tolerated as it contravenes the provisions of the Electoral Code of Conduct,” she said.

Ms Luhanga said going against Commission decision to suspend rallies and roadshows does not only undermine the work of the stakeholders, it also puts the country at risk in as far as the spread of Covid-19 is concerned.

“The Commission is also investigating other matters reported in various districts and that the public would be made aware of the Commission’s findings/decision, all political parties are guided to abide by the Electoral Code of Conduct and Covid-19 guidelines issued by the Electoral Commission of Zambia,” she said.

This statement was issued by ECZ Corporate Affairs Manager Patricia Luhanga for the Chief Electoral Officer.