Kambwili’s case exposes state institutions

 Kambwili’s case exposes  state institutions

Mthoniswa Banda writes

The case of Chishimba Kambwili exposes how state institutions such as the judiciary and state security are used to fix polical players and fight political battles.

Regardless of what statues anyone can quote, we all know that the Kambwili cases are not going anywhere and that the man will be back of the street.
So what is the aim of all this?

  1. It is to rob Kambwili and other so called enemies of the state monies that they lose to the justice system in Zambia in Zambia while the PF uses taxpayers money to pay for their lawyers

  2. To derail their momentum in meeting with Zambians and voter since a court appearance means one can not leave town or travel abroad before the case is disposed off.

  3. To break their spirit as they did with HHs 124 days on treason charges.

The opposition need to find ways of stopping this abuse by calling for the dismissal of the Chief Justice and IG of Police

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