Kambwili still leader of NDC-Sichula

 Kambwili still leader of NDC-Sichula

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Copperbelt Provincial Chairperson George Sichula has told all NDC supporters to remain solid and calm amid the judgement that has set NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili to prison.

Mr Kambwili was this afternoon sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for forgery and uttering forged documents.

But Mr Sichula said Knocking Mr Kambwili off the political scene for a year will not kill the spirit real NDC supports.

He said the people who have left PF to support Mr Kambwili won’t go back and Copperbelt will remain unsubdued by PF.

Mr Sichula said the sentencing of Mr Kambwili does not change the political land scape where Zambians want to dislodge PF from government.

He has told the supporters to remain calm because Mr Kambwili is still the leader of NDC.”

“The courts have not maimed our leader Mr Kambwili because he had already multiplied himself into small Mbwilis. Knocking Kambwili off the political scene for a year doesn’t mean Copperbelt has been paralysed,” he said.

He said the PF is a weaker party and it can’t face strong political parties that’s they have suffocated political opponents.

Mr Sichula accused PF of playing unfair politics and compared the PF to a fighter who prefers to go into a ring with an opponent whose hands are tied.

“We are not given permits but Bowman Lusambo was here in Chingola where they had a mega rally and he will hold another in Ndola where he will host South African artistes. What we want is to be told if Zambia has been turned into one party state.

“Look at the matter of Patrick Mucheke of UPND and now it seems politicians want to use court to suffocate us, but we are psychologically prepared. Nobody should turn the courts into political abattoirs where the ruling party is slaughtering political opponents,” he said.

Mr Sichula said NDC is an established entity with the Vice President, hence the party will at the moment rally behind the vice President and another way is provided.

He said the sentencing of Mr Kambwili will make known in all the four corners of Zambia.

“I wish to encourage believes of Kambwili that nothing has changed and we shall continue to soldier on and following the footsteps of our forefathers who labored to liberate us from evil rulers. Our spirits are not broken as NDC in the same manner they failed to break us in roan constituency in Luanshya.

“We should all remember that Mr Kambwili hasn’t been sentenced for stealing unlike many we know,” he said.


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