Kambwili, NDC in high spirit

By Staff Writer
The National Democratic Congress (NDC) 2021 Presidential candidate Chishimba Kambwili and the entire NDC is in high spirit, Copperbelt NDC Chairperson Chipoka Mulenga has said.

Mr Mulenga has said the locking up of Dr Kambwili will never crash the mood and spirit of NDC members or drain the marrow from Dr Kambwili.

He said the arrest of Dr Kambwili will not deter him nor the NDC from having Zambians at the centre of our concerns.

Audio: Chipoka Mulenga

“Dr Kambwili remains in high spirit and focused to serve the nation even when he is released at a date best known to Copperbelt Commander of Police Force Charity Katanga and Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo who is acting like ‘Brigadier General.’ We will begin to use army titles for police officers and Home Affairs Minister if they choose to turn the service into a force.

“It’s only in Luanshya where a lawmaker cannot meet people in his constituency. For a year now, Dr Kambwili has been refused to have access to his people.  For this cause, people have resorted to following him at home and that has really displeased Ba Charity and Ba Kampyongo,” he said.

Mr Mulenga said that if police officers wish to keep him in prison, that’s where people will go to explain their plight to him.

He said people believe in Dr Kambwili because he addresses their concerns.

“The harder the PF use the police to suppress NDC, the more people power we get. Oppression is never a key to subdue opposition parties but delivering on campaign promises with genuineness,” he said.

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