Kambwili must apologise-Musenge

 Kambwili must apologise-Musenge

Secretary General of the defunct National Democratic Congress Party NDC Mwenye Musenge says the party was de-registrated due to Mr Chishimba Kambwili careless utterances that the party did not have an operational constitution.

And Mr Musenge has challenge Mr Kambwili to leave the NDC and form his party where he will be practicing his ideologies.

Speaking during a press briefing held at Chillers Corner this afternoon Mr Musenge said that Mr Kambwili should not blame the PF or himself but should own up and apologize to the people that worked hard to build NDC.

Mr Musenge said the media rantings and baseless threats that Mr Kambwili and his team are issuing will not solve anything in as far as the issue of cancellation is concerned.

“Mr Kambwili and his Lawyers as can be seen in the ruling are the ones who said NDC does not have a constitution. They killed the party by their own recklessness.

“I have not registered any party called ZOOM as claimed by Mr Kambwili and his stooges but instead is working I’m hard to save the NDC. We are still waiting to hear from the minister of Home Affairs over the request the party had made. The original vision of NDC has never been about insulting or breaking the law,” he said.

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