Kalumbila Mine responds to Richard Kazala

 Kalumbila Mine responds to Richard Kazala

First Quantum Minerals’ Sentinel Mine in Kalumbila says it has provided equal business opportunities for local suppliers which has in turn created jobs for local people.

Recently Kalumbila based business owner Richard Kazala cried foul over the loss of 30 per cent copper hauling contract for his logistic company Mining Haulage Limited (MHL).

Mining Haulage for Mr Kazala had been hauling 30 per cent of copper for Kalumbila Mine since 2015.

Under the old arrangement, Zambian firms were given 30% to haul while foreign firms got the larger chunk of 70%.

And First Quantum’s Zambia Country Manager General Kingsley Chinkuli said that last year the mine had re-tendered its haulage contract, empowering local companies to participate in this lucrative work.

Mr Chinkuli said the two locally-owned trucking companies re-contracted by the mine Buks Haulage (BHL) of Solwezi and JC Bousfield (JCB) of Chingola.

He said  the transporters are local  Zambian companies owned by Zambian citizens also exemplify the contributions brought to Zambia by naturalized settlers who have built sustainable businesses that create local employment, pay tax and boost the economy.

Mr Chinkuli said the tender process aims to promote competition within certain markets, obtain the best pricing available and to afford numerous entities an equal opportunity to supply certain goods or services to KML.

Mr Chinkuli said JCB is owned by the second generation Zambian Bousfield family of Chingola with all of its 500 employees being Zambian citizens.

“KML supports and promotes the participation of local businesses for all its tenders. The nationality of the bidders is not the only consideration when awarding contracts. The ability to deliver a quality service at a competitive price is critical

“KML is totally committed to ensuring a level field in its tender process; bids are adjudicated objectively, freely and fairly,” he said.

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