Kalumbila Council suspended for 90 days

 Kalumbila Council suspended for 90 days

By Staff Writer
Local Government and Housing Minister Dr Charles Banda has with immediate effect suspended Kalumbila Town Council for 90 days.

This follows the invitation of the UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango by Councillors to inspect government projects.

Dr Banda said reports indicate that the councillors at the local authority had invited the high ranking official who inspected government projects in the district on a pretext that it was the councillors’ efforts that such developmental projects were taking place out of their own initiative and not government.

He said8 that the law requires that government services and projects to the Zambian people are implemented and monitored in sub structures with the blessings of the local authorities and government which he said was not true case in the matter.

He said it is the sole mandate of the local authorities to administer the district and oversee programs and projects in the district as provided for in Article 152 (A) (B) of the Zambian constitution.

The Minister maintained that the action taken by the councillors to invite their political leaders for inspection of government projects tends to politicise the process of service delivery and needs to be censured.

Kalumbila Town Council is a UPND dominated council with all councillors including the council chairperson being UPND.

The suspension has been done by by evoking provisions of Section 56 (B) of the Local Government Act No 2 of 2019.

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