Kalimukwa takes over KCM

 Kalimukwa takes over KCM

The official Receiver Natasha Kalimukwa has taken over the running of Konkola Copper Mine.

This follows the resignation of Milingo Lungu as provisional Liquidator.

Ms Kalimukwa says stakeholders, interested parties and Financial Institutions should now deal with the Official Receiver pertaining to KCM.

Government owns 20 percent of KCM through state mining investment firm ZCCM-IH.

In 2019, the PF government handed control of KCM to the liquidator triggering a dispute with Vedanta, which owns the other 80 percent.

Last week, Mr Lungu in a letter addressed to KCM official receiver said he had resigned, but he did not give any reason for his decision.

On March 11, Ms Kalimukwa suspended Mr Lungu after receiving a complaint from ZCCM-IH relating to mismanagement.

Mr Lungu refused to go, saying Ms Kalimukwa had no power to remove him as he had been appointed by a court.

This according to a statement obtained by the Independent Observer.