Kafue Gorge Lower at 95%-Nkhuwa

 Kafue Gorge Lower at 95%-Nkhuwa

Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa says the building of the 750 megawatts at Kafue Gorge Lower Power plant has reached 95 per cent before its completion.

Updating United Church of Zambia (UCZ) congregants at St Marks Congregation in Chingola, Mr Nkhuwa said the dam has been filled and the plant is being tested.

He said when it comes on board the bottleneck of load shedding will be history.

Mr Nkhuwa said the project which is costing U$2.3 billion has taken five years to be completed

The Minister said the country has an installed capacity of 2, 976 megawatts meaning that the demand is about 2, 400 megawatts.

“We have got more electricity in terms of installed capacity but because of the shortage of water at Kariba Dam, that is why we have load shedding, if we have good rainfall even the Kafue Lower is more of our plan B,” he said.

Mr Nkhuwa said people may see that the dam has enough water but water reaches a certain level where it stops supporting man induction activities and as a result cannot generate the power that is needed.

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