Kachasu brew angers Chabanyama Councillor

Chabanyama Ward Councillor William Kabuswe has called on Chingola Municipal Council to intensify inspections to curb illegal activities like brewing of local spirits called Kachasu.

Mr Kabuswe said illegal activities are taking place around the Central Business District (CBD) during the day.

Speaking during the ordinary Council meeting he said people are selling the traditionally brewed spirits around Town centre.

Mr Kabuswe (right) said the activity is becoming common even in his ward, hence calling on the local authority to intervene.

He has made an appeal to the Council to intensify inspections in the district before things can go out of hand.

Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo said the brewing and selling of local spirits was a serious concern and has told management at the council to move in.

The Mayor said the presence of the Council Police around town is rare, hence the need for management to move in.