Kabundi ward forms youth cooperative

Kabundi ward Councillor Brain Banda has urged youths in his ward to refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking.

Mr Banda said for youths to resort to beer and other abusive substances is detrimental to themselves, their future and families.

He was speaking on Saturday when he addressed the youths in his ward during the formation of cooperative for the youths in his ward.

He said youths cry for empowerment but yet when they are empowered they don’t utilize the empowerment.

“Time that you find to patronize bars to drink you can instead use it to do something useful to your life, you can do piece works and channel that money into a business no matter how small is it. Start small and build your lives from that,” he said

Mr Banda implored the youths to utilize the youth cooperative that has been formed in his ward where he pledged to support the club financially and make it a success.

He said youths abusing of alcohol and drugs could be because they have nothing to keep them busy but with the formation of the cooperative he expects youths from his ward to be different.

Mr Banda said that he wants the cooperative to be effective and productive to benefit all the youths even those in schools lacking finical support.

He told the youths leaders who were elected to mobilize other youths in the ward and make them part of the cooperative and work together for everyone to benefit.

Mr Banda told the youths that for them to succeed in life and their endeavors they should be honest and hard working.

“Those values will get you to a place of satisfaction in life and people will value you and what you do,” he said.

And a Youth Activist Attorney Ndhlovu told the youths to be reliable and dependable in their communities to utilize whatever opportunity open to them.

Mr Ndhlovu said that youths should refrain from alcohol and drug abuse if they have to achieve something out of this cooperative.

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