Kabanshi’s dismissal exposes weakness in PF

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The dismissal of Emerine Kabanshi, President Edgar Lungu has exposed a lot of weaknesses in the PF administration.

In any way it does not mean that President Lungu is fighting corruption.

The freezing of British aid to Zambia has further vindicated a lot of stakeholders who have been complaining about the high levels of corruption in government.

Had it not been for the freezing of donor aid, Hon Kabanshi and the former Zampost boss McPherson Chanda could have been in office working.

The PF Government goes in political history as the most corrupt regime in Zambia.

Issues of corruption, aid freeze and debt swell in the PF Government are hitting world news headlines shamelessly.

There is no good will to fight corruption and bribery.

President Lungu has not acted on the famous Ndola Lusaka dual carriageway, issues of ambulances and fire tenders among many other purported scandals.

Just a few months ago we had serious revelations of financial scandals from the Financial Intelligent Report.

Above that we equally had exposure of misapplication and misappropriation of public funds from the Auditor General’s report.

No arrests have been made following the said exposures and revelations.

It’s sad as we continue to loose funds in such a manner.

The aid freeze will impact negatively on our people who are dependent on the said aid.

Why haven’t President Lungu acted for long on the above raised matters?

He acted swiftly on Ms Kabanshi, only after the donor community froze aid to Zambia.

The firing of Ms Kabanshi, does not mean President Lungu is fighting corruption! Not at all.

Ms Kabanshi, goes down quietly as a sacrificial lamb. She goes down as a victim of a satanic, wicked and evil selective justice system.

This is not to defend and protect Kabanshi, if she’s quilt. It’s rather to provoke Lungu to good works of governance.

Public funds keep disappearing. Zambia is now engulfed in political, social and economic problems.

We are in between debt swell on the other hand and corruption and bribery on the other.

President Lungu’s reputation is at cross roads. How does he wish to be remembered when he leaves office?

The other contributing factor to the current economic and political problems we have is that President Lungu invited to the PF people late President Sata avoided to bring near to political leadership.

Not until President Lungu revisits the above purported scandals then he’s cheating to be fighting corruption when not.

Dr Cephas Mukuka
Political Researcher

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