Judiciary is independent-Ernest Sakala

 Judiciary is independent-Ernest Sakala

By Inutu Mwanza in Ethiopia

Former Chief Justice Ernest Sakala says the Zambian judiciary is independent and operates without any undue influence from any arm of Government.

And President Edgar Lungu who is chair of the SADC organ of Politics, Defence and security has appointed Justice Sakala to head the SADC election Observer Mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Justice Sakala who has 35 years of experience in the judiciary said all verdicts by the courts are made independently after careful study and analysis without any interference from anyone.

The Former chief justice however emphasized that the kernel of juridical autonomy and independence also lies in the attitude of individual judges.

‘’ In the year 2000, I did a study on judicial autonomy and independence, realities and challenges. I clearly stated that the autonomy of the judiciary also lies in the attitude of individual judges. WShen we train judges we normally tell them that the best judgment is on that pleases the loser, where everyone goes satisfied with the verdict, ‘’ he said.

He was speaking in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia when he transited to Congo DR to lead the SADC election Observer mission in that country.

President Edgar Lungu who is chair of the SADC organ on Politics, Defense and Security appointed the retired Chief Justice to lead the SADC Election Observer Mission to monitor elections in Congo DRC scheduled for 23rd December, 2018.

Justice Sakala said the role of the SADC Elections observer Mission will be to see to it that the elections in the democratic Republic of Congo follow the SADC principles and standards of elections.

The Writer is the First Secretary for Press and Tourism at Zambian Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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