Job well done ZIALE:… 26, 000 Teachers waiting for jobs

Dear Editor,

I hear people complain about the failing rate at Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE).

Do you know that if the number of lawyers offloaded on the labour market is not controlled every year the law profession can become like teaching profession?

Recently we had about 26, 000 applicants applying for a teaching Job and about 2, 000 were recruited.

Those waiting you add thousands more graduating from different colleges and universities. Like any market when the market is saturated the price of the commodity falls.

In this case the value of hiring labour falls in case of saturated labour market.

Now can you imagine a situation where lawyers are in thousands with no clients while waiting for jobs?

Of course cost of hiring a lawyer will be cheap for the poor but will lawyers want that kind of situation prevailing in teaching where hiring you or keeping you in employment becomes like a favour and you are constantly reminded that thousands out there are jostling for jobs?

Similarly people complain about accounting courses being difficult and a few graduating each year.

My dear if you are in business you want to maintain unique and quality products which brings high returns so you want to have a closed market.

Maybe this is the more reason why it’s not easy to graduate in law at ZIALE or graduate in accountancy and business courses.

They want their jobs to be well remunerated. My view.

Collins Mambwe

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