Jerabos: incubated terrorists

 Jerabos: incubated terrorists

The story below was lifted from Soko Mumba’s Facebook page 

Late we have seen a new trend of violence in the form of groups of young men rising up against the community and themselves in Zambia.

This trend is not different from terrorism or rebel acts which I can loosely define as terrorism.

Terrorism is the use of violence with the aim of furthering a political or an ideological goal at the expense of the general population.

Chingola lately has become a breeding ground for unruly behavior in the name of Jerabos and other smaller groups which are not related to mining.

Not too long ago, one group master was killed in cold blood by members of another group when they stabbed over some copper deals.

Thereafter, another member was shot at in the night. Later on one young lady was stabbed to death just last week and another one was petrol bombed.

There are many cases which have gone unreported but what is so surprising is when it comes to burying their colleagues that’s when you will see the reality of gungs.

You will see all sorts of weapons ranging from guns, machete, knives, iron bars, chains just to mention a few.

If that is not terrorism, what can we call it?

Terrorism can take many forms and has many causes, often more than one. It can have its roots in religious, social, or political conflicts, often when one community is oppressed by another.

However, when leaders of these groups begin taking pictures with powerful politicians and sponsor political events the signal sent into community is “I’m untouchable”.

These group leaders who are supposed to be called criminals become instant heroes and begin to inspire the young ones because they have that fame.

Basically, politicians are at the centre of these groups and the best way to deal with such is to put the politician where he belongs.

The police is compromised as well because most of them are on the pay role of these gangs.

Very soon these gang leaders will begin finding themselves in party structures because they have the money and powerful connections.

A safe society is attainable if criminality is not promoted at any level of decision making.

The late President Levy Mwanawasa at some point refused to get money from Shawi at a fundraising venture for reasons he mentioned.

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